3 keys to success

Many gurus can say whatever they want about success and what it really does to get there. But the biggest issue with this concept of success is that most of us use goals of success defined by others and not by themselves.


#1 – Align your compass to your personal north of success


To find real success we need to define for us what it really is for us and not for the rest of the world. Not everyone wants a millions of dollars, but what they want really is living richly and in a fulfilling manner.


If you are committed to your own life’s success think about what would make you feel rich and fulfilled. You cannot be happy and fulfilled if your personal compass is not aligned to your own true north.


Let’s say you want to have a location liberated life and work from wherever you want to and stay home or travel as much as you want. Do you need to found your own company or just find a job that is flexible enough?


Or how much money you actually need and want? Is it that million dollars or a couple thousand on the side each month?


What would actually make you feel successful?


Think about what you really want and be very specific.


#2 – Research!


More often than not you do not need as much money or resources you think you need. The reason what holds you back to go for what you want is not being very specific on what you want and not knowing what would it take in terms of time, money, team, tools and resources to get there.


After you define what success looks like for you and what you really want, start doing research online what would it take you to get there.


#3 – Consistency creates results!


It’s such a cliché that consistency does create results, but it truly does. You’ve got to show up every day and do the work. Especially in the beginning you’ll need to be willing to do a lot especially if we are talking about setting up your own coaching business (or a business of any kind to be real).


In the beginning people say to get help as fast as possible, but  delegating might not make sense if all you would do day in and out is let others work while you are watching Netflix.


Doing the work day in and day out will help you to see what are the things which need to be done and how they should be done. Being on your own will help you to hire better in the future.


So show up and do the work!


If you feel stuck, need help moving forward or getting off the ground in your business, please know that I’m here for you.Please feel free to book a 30 minute FREE appointment.


Take care!