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3 reasons procrastination is good for you

Today we are going to go in and around the topic of procrastination. The reason why this is such a hot topic because everyone is struggling with it time to time or continuously. Moreover in our high achieving world procrastination is looked at quite negatively so everyone is trying to find ways to overcome it when procrastination rears its ugly head.


Let’s look at 3 reasons why procrastination is actually beneficial and good for you. Controversial, right?


Reason #1 – Protection from failure


Procrastination can protect you from failure. When we are putting off doing things that we all know we should do in our business such as picking up the phone and doing complimentary coaching sessions and sales calls, then maybe, just maybe there is a deeper reason why we are delaying doing the thing.


There deeper reasons can be; overcoming mental blocks and limiting beliefs or maybe you need to learn new skills or acquire some new kind of knowledge that will help you to do what you need to do in your business.


Reason #2 – Calls your attention to your problem and lack areas

Going back to the sales call example, putting off picking up the phone and do the calls might raise your attention to a couple of problem areas that you need to deal with in that area. Maybe you have some mental roadblocks or fear related to selling and/or rejection that you need to overcome.


Or you may lack some skills, knowledge and strategies that would help you to professionally present yourself and your offer in a non pushy or salesy manner because no one wants to be or feel like that push insurance agent or used car salesman we’ve all encountered


Reason #3 – Helps to prepare for the unknown


When you are avoiding taking massive action you are not ready for therefore it allows you to distance yourself and observe not just what you do not know in terms of knowledge and strategies but also scenarios that could happen.


This is really valuable because you’ll be able to make plans and get ready for different good but mainly not so great scenarios that might happen. Most of these bad scenarios are in your head and in 99% of the time will never happen, but in case some of these bad scenarios do come into reality, then at least you thought about them and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to turn the situation for the better.


So what can you do to move through procrastination?


Solution #1 – Make procrastination your ally

After realizing that procrastination is not evil, then you can work it so that it works for you, instead of against you. Make the above mentioned 3 reasons actionable and think about if you have limited beliefs or fear you need to overcome. Think about what you need to acquire let it be: confidence, skills and knowledge.


Solution #2 – Set goals

Gal setting is a really good was to actually learn what you need to learn and overcome what you need to overcome. I’d like to share my personal strategy that I use to get things done day in and day out.


I like to set 3 goals a month, 3 goals a week and 3 goals a day and make small daily goals to feed into my weekly goals and the weekly goals to feed into my monthly goals. The aim of this strategy is to do something small and actionable every day that makes me and my business move forward.


This is something that anyone could do without sacrificing a lot of time and energy especially if you are building a business on the side, feel overwhelmed or just have a ton on your plate.


Solution #3 – Create social accountability

You can find several online communities that focus on social accountability. Everyone can join these communities and post what they are going to do, get support and then feedback how things turned out. You don’t need to join communities if you do not want to. You can ask your partner, a friend or family member to help you out.


Although I’ve observed with my clients that it is better to join communities because with friends and family members there is an extra emotional tension and that is something you might not want to add especially if you are trying to tackle something that you find really challenging.


Questions for you

How are you looking at procrastination and what do you do personally to overcome it?


I hope today’s post served you well.
Take care until next time!