3 Secrets to avoid overwhelm

Let’s talk about overwhelm. Personally I seldomly get overwhelmed and I’d like thare my secrets how you can avoid it too so you have all the time, energy to do all the things in your business that you need to do.


Secret #1-Get relief

You get relief by dumping all the things on your mind onto paper. This exercise gives me an instant feeling of relief because I literally feel all the pressure coming from to dos leave my body. It is literally a physical experience I go through.

And you can do this too. Just pick up a sheet of paper and a pen and write down everything that is on your mind.


Secret #2-Organize & Prioritize

After creating your own brain dump, organize the end product into categories which are: business, health, relationship, personal finances, home related. You can use any categories which you find fitting but these are the most common ones.

Then number the items based on what you think is important. Number 1 is the most important and the bigger the number the less important the given item is.


Secret #3-Eliminate

Now… Eliminate the bottom 20% of the list. Let’s say we have 10 items on the business list that we need to do, then if it needs to be done then we hire it out or if it does not need to be done, then just press delete.


*Bonus*-Delete before you add

If there is something new you’d like to add, then you have to delete an item first. You can either finish a project that is on the list or just eliminate it before you take on something new.

I’ve talked about outer chaos creating inner chaos in THIS article before, so please check it out. In a nutshell, there is no such thing as outside and inside as within so is without. These 3 secrets I use to keep my thoughts nicely organized.


But I also keep my physical environment neat, tidy and organized. You may want to consider blocking out some time to declutter and organize. As soon as you get organized physically, you’ll find that you’ll create some blank white place for you to be creative and be more productive.


Try these 3 secrets and the bonus and let me know how it served you. Please share this article with your friends and subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already done so.