3 Tips to Regain Optimism

Staying optimistic and in faith can be very difficult at times. There are so many people who try to steal your thunder.

I’d like to share a story that happened to me recently.

I have this acquaintance with whom I was really getting close and I started to think about her as a friend. Let’s name her Ann.

I am so enthusiastic and passionate to help as many of you smart entrepreneurs and small business owners as I possibly can that I shared my thoughts on my coaching business with many people including Ann too.

And she said things like:”I do not think your business will survive, people do not want coaching services.” and “Enterprising in an economic climate like this?!” or “Show me the money and a list of 3000 people and ‘ll believe you”.

Now I could have felt sad and discouraged and at first I was but then I thought about it and discovered a few reasons why I shouldn’t care about people like Ann, and the following tips can help you to overcome any similar situation.

Is s/he your role model?

Think whether the person trying to steal your optimism has the life that you desire? If he or she is not where you would like to get in your life, then why should you take any criticism from him or her?

Where is this person coming from?

Just consider the reason why this person is saying all these discouraging things.

For example:

  •  Is s/he having a bad mood and wants to make you feel miserable because they are not happy and content?
  •  Can they be envious about you having a great idea and strong purpose to do the business you want?

Does s/he know you and your chosen industry well?

If this person has no in depth knowledge about your skills, knowledge, abilities and personality then why would you take any comments like:”you are not_______________enough” or ”you are too old/young to do this” etc.

Who is this person (who doesn’t really know you) to judge what you can or cannot do?

Has this person has any idea about your business model and the market?

If not then how comes s/he telling you that your idea is not good enough?

I formed these tips into questions to help you think and regain your optimism by helping you to realize that you should really weigh the words but the person behind.

 After you regained your optimism you can stay in this beautiful state of mind by surrounding yourself with kind, optimistic people.

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Have a wonderful day!