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3 ways how competing can hurt your business

We’ve all been there when we have compared ourselves and our business to someone in our industry and even competed with the person. Today we are going to discuss why this is a really bad attitude and what to do about it in a constructive way.


How and what we actually compare?

Comparing someone’s front end to you back end

When you are comparing someone’s program or product to what you do in your business is completely mad, because you have no idea what is going on in the background in the other person’s business that produces the end result you are comparing and judging yourself and your business to. You don’t know what team, time and financial resources they have that produces the results you see.


Cure: When you are about to fall into this trap, look at the outside result the other person have and think how can you achieve that level in terms of design, volume, program structure and figure out how to produce the same result in you business using your resources available.


Comparing yourself as a startup persona to a more established person

This is another huge trap because you are raising the bar too high and this is not a fair comparison for yourself and your business. Because you are just starting out and have a few years or no years of experience to someone who has been doing, what you’ve just started, for 10+ years. Those people have already went through the journey you just started!


Cure: Look at old blog posts and videos and websites those who you are comparing yourself to. Probably they started out small and sucky and grew from that place into the professionals you see now. Use this as a vision to what is possible for you to grow into and start planning how you’ll get there.


Comparing someone else’s prices to your prices

Again this is the same situation where you compare your back end to someone’s front end. You do not know what their strategy was to set the price they did and the amount of people they had access to with their marketing and how many of those people actually bought.


Cure: Figure out a pricing that works with the revenue goals you’d like to achieve with the amount of people you have access to with your marketing and your financial resources


Comparison and competition drains your energy, makes you tired and burned out. So what can you do if you are feeling this way?


Take yourself out from the situation where you see your competitors or the people you are comparing yourself to.


You can:

  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists, facebook pages, youtube channels
  • Don’t look for things that will upset you
  • Take time away from your business
  • Exhaust yourself physically to refresh yourself mentally
  • Do those activities which fill you up with energy and life
  • Connect to your family, friends and loved ones for encouragement
  • Kick your ass to do the business decisions and things you’ve been procrastinating


Question for you

What do you do when you catch yourself comparing and contrasting?