S3 Ep4 – 4 Steps to break free from your money story

Have you ever heard the notion that money does not grow on trees? Or that the money is the root of all evil? If yes, then today's episode is just for you!


No, I mean really. I've been working with so many people and one thing I find in common that their money, business and entrepreneurship related stories that they soaked up as kids are holding them back from making a breakthrough in their business.


So if you are working hard, intending, visualizing and meditating and doing all this...ssssstufff, yet the results are not coming or not the way you wanted them to, then in today's episode I offer a quick 4 step process to help you get the better of your counter intentions and money story so you can create the business and financial abundance you'd like.


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I hope that this episode inspired you to think outside of the box to make your dram life and dream business happen.

Let me know in the comment section below what's your takeaway!


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