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4 Tips to create consistency in your coaching business

What you can for your your business now vs. later

It is really important to create consistency in your life and biz in general because without consistency, nothing works out. Consistency creates results people!

Tip 1 – Commitment

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One of the biggest reason why people are not consistent is that they are missing commitment. You must not be interested in a project, you’ll have to be committed and kicked in the butt enough in order to take consistent action and follow through and being just interested is not going to cut it..

So commit and create situations which hold you accountable. If you are a people pleaser, than call in a friend to help you stay accountable. Ask the person to be your accountability buddy and allow you to make promises that you’ll need to keep, otherwise you’ll lose your credibility.

Some people prefer to make a promise to their audience which kicks them enough to do the thing. But I would caution you, that if this is what you are planning to do, then make promises that you can indeed fulfill otherwise try to call in a friend.

After you’ve gotten an accountability buddy or if you are not a people pleaser, then just schedule the time you need to work on certain aspects of your project. Have dedicated and undisturbed time to allow you to fully concentrate. I personally prefer mornings.

Tip 2 – Create momentum

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In order for you to stick with anything in your business (and life) you need to create momentum to keep you going. This is something that so many people don’t do, so no wonder why most of us do not stick with what we decided to do.

You can create momentum by doing the easiest and most simple thing that you can do. This is an idea from Michael Hyatt who is a New York Times best selling author, former CEO and now really successful entrepreneur who is a great inspiration for me, and i am a huge fan of his, period.

He said in one of his podcast episodes (Escape the overwhelm) that when he wanted to write a book, he just created the word documents for each chapter, named the chapters and started writing that chapter that seemed to be the easiest to write or the one chapter he felt inspired to write.

This is something that you can do too regardless of the project you’d like to take on. You can open a word document, google docs and start brainstorming ideas, doing online research, reading articles on the topic, setting a time schedule and so on.

Just do the next easiest thing you can do! How awesome is that?!

Tip 3 – Schedule, schedule & schedule…

If you don’t put something into your calendar, then it is not going to happen. Makes sure to create a timetable that allows you to fulfill your other obligations you might have but helps you to consistently take action on the things you need to do, such as: doing sales calls, product development and free content creation.

When you are creating your schedule, don’t book yourself with activities from wall to wall. Allow yourself to have some white space. Especially in the beginning don’t schedule more than 3 things to work on a day. Why?

Because from experience that is pretty much the amount you can chew per day. And in case you are a super achiever, it feels good that at the end of the day you have some extra free time for yourself and accomplish everything you’ve planned for the day.

Tip 4 –  Don’t multi-task, ever….

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Multi tasking is a great way to dip your toes into many activities and not finish anything at all. At the end of the day you end up exhausted by spinning your wheels getting perfectly nowhere. When you feel you got nowhere at the end of the day, then you are missing positive reinforcement which will hold you back from taking action consistently.

So instead of multi-tasking just work on one thing at the time and try to finish it, or in case of a bigger project finish a bigger chunk of it. This way you are actually getting things done which will make you feel accomplished. This feeling of accomplishment will make you feel successful, will positively reinforce you and motivate you to go on.

In conclusion….

I hope this post helped you to be more consistent with your actions when it comes to your business. If you can master consistent progressive action then you’ll be able to finish our projects and steer your business into the direction you want to go.

Question for you

How are you creating a consistent action and progress in your business? Let me know in the comment section below!