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4 weird tips and a cliché to handle failure

If you have ever failed at something in your business or anything for that matter, then today’s post is definitely for you.


First, let’s look into what failure is by definition. According to Cambridge Dictionary failure is: “the ​fact of someone or something not ​succeeding or the ​fact of something not ​working, or ​stoppingworking as well as it should”.


And pretty much this is how people look at failure overall. If you did something which did not deliver the results you wanted or other people expected from you. I know that I’ve been there a couple of times and I’m sure you’ve had the same experience as well occasionally. And we all know that it feels pretty devastating.


Today I’d like to share a couple of tips that helped me to change my perspective and I’d like to offer you these tips and tricks, so that it might help you change your perspective from doom & gloom to a much brighter one.


Tip 1 – Congratulate yourself


This might seem weird, but you really should congratulate yourself for having the courage to take action towards your desires. There are so many people who have wishes their desires but would never take action in order to get where they want to get.


By having a not so successful experience, you proved that you have the willpower and courage to go after your desires, so keep it up!


Tip 2 – Consider yourself an inventor


Think about yourself as an inventor, such as Thomas Edison, he failed at making the lightbulb many times. He even has a famous quote which is: “ I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.


So look at yourself as the Thomas Edison of your business and approach everything you do in your business as experiment, then failure disappears. Why? Because the results you get will be nothing but feedback and that leads us to the next weird tip.


Tip 3 – Crack the code


After you received feedback, evaluate. If the feedback was positive, then great keep going, but if not that means that you have not cracked the marketing, sales or and other business code for the first try. And let’s face it….


It takes time to figure out the right sequence of a sales conversation, marketing campaign, coaching program setup that works for you as a person, your industry and your business circumstances and specifics. So tweak and try again.


Tip 4 – Get as much feedback as possible


When you are trying out something new or doing something for the very first time, try to get as many of your potential clients’ feedback as you can. Don’t live in your head and try to figure out what you think they’d like.


Go and ask them what they think, conduct interviews, do surveys and product or program testing before you start perfecting or creating a complex, time, energy and money intensive project.


Tip 5 – Get support


This might seem as a cliché but getting support is indeed very important because it helps to put things into perspective and reaching the conclusions you need to move on. I recommend you to join different communities online or locally which help you to stay accountable and cheer you up.


Personally I know it first hand how devastating and lonely it can be when things are not what you expected them to be and you don’t have anyone to tell. So please, do not walk this path alone and find communities where you can get and supply support for fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.


I hope this post served you well. Please let me know in the comments below, how do you handle falioure