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5 Quick fix for feeling behind in your coaching business

Have you ever felt being behind in your your life and business? I know I certainly have but I also hear this from many people including my: clients, entrepreneur peers, friends, family, colleagues, ex-colleagues from all ages and stages of life.


I believe we all have been there and we all go back to that place from time to time.i found a couple of times when this feeling appears within us. Generally when we are ready for our next level, a new chapter in our life and we feel that we are capable BUT:


  1. Despite of the massive action we take the results are not showing quite yet
  2. You took a detour in your life and business
  3. We are not taking the actions we need to do because of any reasons we make up why
  4. Paying to much attention to what your peers are doing


When you are on the way or took a detour, then you should really value all you’ve done and you are doing because every experience that you gain will eventually contribute to the level of success you achieve in the end. So there is no reason to feel behind because the experience you gained will be important and put into use even if you do not see why and how.


I don’t necessary like to bring personal examples but I’ve learnt and done a lot of things. By the age of 21 I was teaching English for 2-2,5 years, was a certified insurance agent with some sales experience, had a degree in web design, was doing business consulting, studying business and teaching.

This is not for me to brag but I often got from people the question that “Will you and how will you use these things?”


Guess what… In my current business I need and use all of these skills and knowledge I have accumulated but at that time I had no clue. This can easily happen to you as well even if you do not see right now how the dots connect.


If you are in the tribe of those who do not take massive action and hiding behind excuses why you cannot do what you want. The problem with this state that it yields an incredible level of disharmony in your life and business. In these cases I advise you to write down all of the excuses and turn the perspective. Instead of why you cannot ask yourself why you should and how could you do what it takes.


And lastly we all fall into the trap that we are comparing ourselves to what our peers are doing. While it is good to know what industry leaders are doing it can be frustrating. Have you ever caught yourself getting frustrated to see that some of your peers are rolling out program after program and you are unable to roll out one?! Or looking at the shares and likes that they get on Facabook when the post? Or the list size they have?


From one perspective it is good to know what your peers are doing and a little frustration can really kick your butt to get things done but it is not worth to compare yourself to them because they life and business is different and they do not show you the behind the scenes action that goes into what you see on their front end.


5 things you can do now:


  1. Listen, read, watch motivational people and materials to keep your energy and motivation up
  2. Unsubscribe from those newsletters that puts you into comparison and frustration mode
  3. Realize that where you are is exactly where you need to be right now
  4. Trust yourself and the decisions you’ve made knowing that you made the best possible decisions you could at that time
  5. Take a look at how you can get where you want to get from the place where you are


Question for you


How did you do to move on this feeling behind feeling when it occurred in your life?


I hope this post served you well.
Take care till next time!