6 Steps to rise to the TOP

I was thinking long and hard about today’s post. I’ve been reading the book Breaking Night by Liz Murray and I watched the movie Homeless to Harvard. The book and the move together inspired today’s post because it shows the beautiful journey of a girl becoming a successful woman and really going from homeless to Harvard. And those who succeed do have a similar journey even if it is less dramatic, so I decided to to sum up the takeaways.


It always starts with you being wherewer you are, feeling that you and your life could be better, bigger more. You feel your potential not beeing met. You feel your life could be different only if…only if…only if…  And it can be. It really can. All you need to do is do is this:


1-Take an honest look where you are.

You have to be able to locate yourself on the map. If you want to climb up to Mount Everest you need to know where you start start from, so you won’t get lost. For a lot of people this is quite painful because they do not want to admit where they are. But if you do not know exactly where you are, how do you expect to find your way and prepare for the trip.


2-Prepare for the trip

Take an inventory for what you have and figure out ways to utilize how you can take advantage of what you have. A lot of people make the mistake of looking at what they do not have instead of looking at what they do have. More often than not they have a lot more than they think it’s just that they focus on the negative. Prepare with what you have.


3-Allow and lead

A lot of people do not allow themselves to be the person they want to be, don’t be one of them, allow yourself to setp into the person who you thought you were meant to be. Also, take the leadership position in your life, that means to make tough decisions. It also means taking charge of your life fully and being the change agent of your life and not the person the changes implied on. If you make the changes even the though ones life gets easier.


4-Work hard

You have to take consistent action and work hard for your dreams. It’s ain’t easy, but nothing is. A lot of people believe that success in any form will come fast and easy and that is not normally the case. More often than not, it takes years to accomplish things through consistent hard work. You will have to work hard and long hours especially in the beginning, there is no way around that.



You’ll have many roadblocks and obstacles but you have to persist and push through. It’s really hard to beat someone who is not willing to give up and just keeps going and going. I highly recommend watching the movie or reading to book mentioned in the beginning of this post, to help you get and stay inspired.


6-Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Sometimes you gotta think what is more difficult; grinding away at a 9-6 job that is much longer hours anyways because free overtime is expected to show dedication or going after scary dreams that would would be an adventure of a lifetime? You’ll gotta work hard and struggle anyways, but then why not struggle for something that you truly desire?

The decision is yours.

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