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7 things I’ve learnt from a trip to Prague

Earlier this December I went on a weekend trip to Prague and there were a couple of things I’ve learnt from having an online business, travelling and relationships.


1-Scheduling social media

I started scheduling my social media posts because I spent way too much time on Facebook mainly and that seemed to take over my life. And I wanted to stay consistent in posting on all of my social networks and finally be consistent with it.


As much as I like free flow things in my business do not happen by accident I have to make sure that things like social media is planned and scheduled so that content does roll out every day.


It made my followers feel taken care of and it also calmed my nerves that all is well and I could focus on enjoying my trip vs worrying how things will go in the social media department.


2-Putting some very basic systems into place


Before the trip I started using hootsuite and buffer to make sure that my social media post were not just planned but actually distributed. I fell in love so much that I am still using both for different purposes though.


Plus I was running some Facebook ads to build my list and thanks to a very basic system people who signed up received my free guide and the list was actually growing without me to push things ahead.


3-Going unplugged helped me power up


Because I went completely unplugged for 3 days it really helped me to power up my batteries and come back relaxed,  more creative but also more productive. This is due to a couple of reasons


A, I did not needed to be there to physically push ahead which was relaxing both physically and mentally

B, my mental capacity was not weighed down because the biggest issues were taken care of before


4-Reconnecting with core business and personal values


Short story is that I got really pissed off when during the organized trip we were walking in front of really nice stores and all I could do was to press my nose to the shop window because there was not enough free time to go shopping and look around.


And I have to admit that I had no budget to go to and raid a Gucci store. And truth to be told I do not even want Gucci stuff but what pissed me off was the lack of options. For me having options equals freedom which is my biggest core value. That is why I am doing this coaching business because I wanted more options in every way of my life and this felt like a kind reminder to remember why I’m on this journey.


5-Power of collaboration


People in Prague were creating businesses not just on historical sites but they collaborated with each other to bring in more business and often did it unknowingly. I found this really fascinating.


For example the street musicians helped street artists just by being there and performing. Their music attracted more people to them and others while portrait painters and actors helped keeping people’s attention and lengthening their stay.


In the end all of them earned their living and got more than if they were working on a busy street where there are no other colleagues. Collaboration takes businesses farther than competition.


6-Keeping private space


Through an argument with my mother I was kindly reminded that keeping a personal space physically and verbally with all the things we share is very important in both private and business relationships.


Staying approachable, kind and share a lot but not giving away too much that it hurts in the end. Keeping this personal space that is just for myself. There was big improvement on this in the past couple of years but still need to find that healthy medium and not overshare.


7-Staying present


It’s so easy to slip into the past and the future. For me I am slipping a lot into the future and i know that a lot of you do the same. When one can stay in the present moment that is where satisfaction and fulfillment appears just by focusing on the present.


There present is the place where we create our future. But not in the way things all the time about the future what we are actually going to do because then thoughts never become actions.
Life is now, so let’s do what we can today!