So you have a profession and/or passion you want to make money from...

... but you have no idea how to make it happen BIG time on your OWN TERMS. You want to start a business to make a side income or change your career or make more money in less time with the same career. Anyways.. you have a dream, ambition and desire to do work that changes other people's lives and yours.


Through my signature process, I can help you to go and get what you want. And I know the steps that you need to take to transform from a smart professional into a smart entrepreneur AKA Smartpreneur.


Regardless what is the business you want to start or what is the business you are currently in (if at all). Starting and building a successful business is a lot of work. I'm here so that you do not walk it alone. Stop dreaming and start doing today. Together we can make it happen. 

Who am I?

2 371 másolataMy full name is Krisztina Gabriella Mocsari and I'm a business strategist and digital mentor from Europe.

I'm also the proud founder of MKG Coaching and host of Smartpreneur Radio

I have a degree degree in Business Administration (Economics) and Teaching (in progress) and Web Design.

During my university years I started business consulting and teaching English. Since then I stopped teaching English and held a couple of finance positions at AXN TV Channel and Computacenter.

But I never stopped coaching because it filled me up with such energy I have never experienced before, and I just knew that coaching is THE CAREER for me as of today I have 6+ of experience in coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs.

It brings me so much joy and pride to see my clients succeed in their business, reach their goals, increase their income and see how that success transforms not just their business but their whole life as a result.

At first I worked with local small and mid sized business owners but I changed from an in person to an online coaching setting because online I could reach and help much more people.

Using the skills I've had from in person business consulting, I adapted my methods so that they worked not just offline but online as well that is how I started MKG Coaching.

With my knowledge and experience I can help YOU to build a successful business a service professional (examples: lawyer, bookkeper, health or life coach, consultant or teacher, astrologer, etc) both online and offline.


My success formula for creating successful businesses:

Success means different things to different people; some would like to have a side coaching business, others a full-time coaching business earning anything from a couple of thousand dollars up to 6-7 figures.

Through working with many clients over the years both online and offline, I've figured out the following formula for a successful teaching, coaching or consulting business:

  1. Purpose 
    Drill down to your core purpose that will fuel you even if the road gets bumpy.
  2. Proficiency
    Discovering your personal and professional money making skills and knowledge.
  3. People
    Fining the people who are in alignment with your purpose and desire the transformation you provide.
  4. Process & Product
    Unleash your transnational process and create your signature program. 
  5. Positioning & Promotion
    Establish yourself as a go to person, making your ideal clients unable to ignore you.
  6. Pricing & Profit
    Learn to cash-in on your knowledge and the transformation you provide and fill your programs fully.
  7. Planning
    Find out the vision, the level of success you want to achieve in your coaching business and make it a fit for your lifestyle.

I'm your IT business success coach if:

  1. you are or want to be: a consultant or coach, speaker, teacher, spiritual teacher, astrologer, author or a service professional
  2. you have or you'd like to start a profitable online business
  3. you'd like to make a full-time income or some extra on the side
  4. you have: experience, skills or expertise and wonder how to make IT happen
  5. you want to make a difference with your work
  6. you have a burning desire to help others
  7. you are committed and driven towards progress
  8. you are in a place where you hang onto a J.O.B. just to make ends meet but you'd rather do your own thing and be your own boss


If this sounds like you "Yes, that is great but where do I start?" or "Where do I go next?" then you can start by becoming a part of my community. When you subscribe, you get a (free) report called: Create your first sold out online coaching program.


Thank you so much for visiting and reading so far. I'm really exited for you to be here and help you create and propel your dream business forward.


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