Are you afraid? You are not alone…

At those times when we are embarking on a new journey, it is ok that we feel a little lost or even afraid. It is a completely natural reaction. There are some gurus who say: “wrestle your fears to the ground!” or “Show who’s the boss!” and I just cannot seem to agree with this. This is so archaic…


This has been the attitude in the white male dominated 20th century (no offense intended). Not allowing to feel our feelings and treat them especially ones which make us feel sad or uncomfortable is flawed. Being raised in this old paradigm can make it really hard for us to handle our emotions regarding money and business, because money and business is not supposed to be an emotional topic. It supposed to be a cold, rational, left brain matter. Right?


Yet for 99,9% of people money and business related emotions and fear is a daily thing. The old paradigm can make us feel that there is something wrong with us. There is nothing wrong with us, and here is what you can do if you feel fear regarding money or a business issue:


1- Tune into your fear

Emotions are feedbacks on whether something is good or bad for us. However, fear does not necessarily tells us if something is good or bad, but might warn us for potential danger. When we are being afraid, we get alert and that triggers our fight or flight response. Try to feel and observe your fear and see what it warns you about.


2-Acknowlege and act

Acknowledge the way you feel, do not discredit your fear, just feel it and allow yourself to make the decision that you know in your heart and mind that is going to be good for you.

Found on twitter: https://goo.gl/cMtPNV
Found on twitter: https://goo.gl/cMtPNV

3-Remove expectations

When you have expectations attached to something that you’d like to do, then it becomes really stressful to move ahead and make the action. But is you can let go of your expectations and do for the sake of doing or doing for the sake of joy regardless what other people might think or regardless what you may or may not get out from it.


You can share your feeling with anyone you trust and confide in, becaue it is going to help you to process faster and easier. Instead of family and why not share your feeling with me and see how I can propell you and your dream business forward. If you are interested, you can schedule FREE 30 minute consultation.

Take care!