Are you committed?

…or are you just interested? I see many people who want a great many things. They want to be thin, rich and happy or better their lives in a certain way. But I do not see a lot of them taking action. Are you one of these people?


If you are just interested in bettering your life, then you may find it hard to actually propel yourself into action because life just gets in the way. You may face this not enough hours in a day, where you go to bed exhausted and thinking about all the things you didn’t do.


If this resonates with you, then know that I feel for you. I’m actually wrapping up my studies which have been going for a really long time, building this business (designing a lots of new exciting things for you) and work full time in corporate. If someone understand you, it’s me. 🙂


However, you have enough time. It’s the way you structure your day is the problem. I bet that there are things you do too much of and you may not need to. For example: social media. I’ve spent way too much time there and there are people who spend even more time there. Think about when are you on social media when  you shouldn’t be.


There are also a whole host of other things that we do day to day where we can cut back from. I challenge you to to look at your day today and see what are those things that does not contribute any of those goals that you have. If they do not contribute then try not to do them. And if you must then try to do it as fast as you possibly can.


So what are those things you need to get rid of to do more? Let me know in the comments!

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