Are you Divergent?


Recently I watched this quite popular movie “Divergent”. The movie is about a typical good vs. evil plot in which a smart, confident young woman called Tris (the main character) who fights against evil and saves the world.

In the story there are five factions, which are narrowly defined sections of society. People have to choose one faction to join when they come of age and they should be a part of that community until they die.

Choosing a faction means being associated with the narrow core values and characteristics that certain factions collectively stands for.

For most people in the story, just like in real life, it is really easy to conform to certain values that certain segments of society believes to be true.

However there are a few people who cannot define themselves in a narrow manner and they are a good fit for multiple factions, as they think of themselves as a little bit of everything. These people are called divergents.

Divergents are aware, they are in control of their thoughts and fears therefore they cannot be controlled by the system.

Most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with or talked to find that they cannot define themselves to be just one thing. They were people with a wide range of interests who saw themselves to be a little bit of many things not just this or that.

They shared that quite a few people found them unusual and that they had trouble getting themselves understood by others.

stand-out-from-the-crowdYet this is the very reason why they became successful entrepreneurs. Because in the process they had to experience a little bit of every side of the business they were trying to pursue.

And these people, including myself, had ideas dying on the design table or failing miserably after starting.

These wide spread interests and experiments and experiences led to a greater understanding of of who they are, what do they stand for, who they want to serve with what they want to serve their audience with in a systematized way.

So, the takeaway is this: do not be afraid to be multi passionate, try on as many hats as you wish. Every single time you do that, you’ll get closer to who you are, what do you want and be your authentic self and dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

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See you soon and take care!