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FREE vs. PAID Content

Why would you pay for online content when you can get it for free?

This is a very common question that comes up among people who’d like to start a business. “Why would you start an online business when you can find the materials I teach about for FREE?!” And in all honesty this is a very valid question and today we are going to tackle this huge Q.


Realize: You don’t sell what you think you do

2As shocking as it is you are not selling what you think you are selling. The reality is that you are not selling content. Then what you are selling really?

If you are like me and you’re in the personal and professional development industry and you’re a coach, consultant or teacher then what you are really selling is actually two things.

The biggest and most important thing that people buy from you when they invest into your program, teaching or coaching is the transformation that you give them through your signature process in an organized systematic way, step by step and hold their hand and hold them accountable through the whole process.

And the second thing that people buy when they invest into your program and coaching is the personal contact with you, that you are personally taking them through their transformation journey. And these are those things  what people really buy from you.

Besides there are people who’d rather buy a product from you to have all the information they need to get the transformation they desire all at once well structured way through your signature process than hunt down all the free information little piece by little piece for free.

And there are people who buy, they often buy because of your personality, because they can relate to your story and just love your teaching and coaching style and your point of view.


The power of FREE


After you realized that you are not selling content be brave and utilize the power of free to create great content that will act as advertisements for your business, increase your credibility, your level of expertise and giving people an example on your your style, attitude, point of view and a sample what they can expect from you.

So don’t worry about all the free content that is already out there or worry about creating more free content. Just do your best to create the best possible free content as you can and as much as you can.

If you give generously, people will think if they receive such amazing content from you for free, then what can you for them if they actually invest in you.


Bottom line is….

….stop worrying and start creating!

Question for you

What is your personal opinion and experience on creating a ton of free content for your tribe?

I hope this post served you well.
Take care till next time!