Gain biz confidence in 5 steps!

A couple of post ago we’ve talked about becoming a go getter in terms of getting things done, doing the work and doing everything that is in your power to move yourself forward.

Today we are going to address if you have fear and other mental blocks issues about putting yourself out there, marketing your services and free offer, this post is going to help you to move through these issues.

It is pretty common to feel not so great about marketing yourself and putting what you do out there. Let’s be honest most of us have had thoughts about what if…

  • people won’t take me seriously
  • people laugh about what I do
  • I come across as a pushy, slimy used car salesman/woman
  • nobody wants what I have to offer
  • I fail
  • nobody will like me?
  • What will my family and friends think about me?

Know that it is completely normal to feel this way and that you are not alone. Many gurus say that you must overcome your fear in order to move forward. I do not think it is possible to wrestle your fears to the ground. But then what you should do to move away from this place?

1-Look at your fear rationally

I suggest that you acknowledge that you are being frightened and look at what would happen if all of those things happened that you were frightened about?

Would you be homeless and starving? Chances are that no. What would happen if people did laugh on you or did not like you? Then what?! it would be awkward for a while but that’s it.

2-Realize that it is not about you

Yes, this is not really about you but all the people you are depriving from what you have to offer. If you stay in your fear, then you are not being of service, not making a difference and you are depriving others from what they need and only you can offer the way you do.

3-Focus on your message

If you can learn to focus on your message what it is and why you are so passionate about it, then marketing becomes an activity of sharing your message at as many places as possible to make the biggest possible impact. You do not need to be pushy or salesy, but you need to tell people about you. You can try talking to people while waiting in queues, shopping in the mall to start with and expand from there.

4-Start small
Everyone starts small and sucky and people who end up making a difference for others and for themselves are the ones who are willing to start small. There are always people who are going to be more advanced than you. But that does not matter because the people who really need you will find you and do business with you.

5-Detach from the outcome

Try to detach from the outcome of your efforts. It may seem controversial advice or straight up weird, but you need to be detached from the result. Be attached to the business activities you love doing and your message. If you build it they will come and if not you will attract the coaches and consultants into your life who will take you by the hand and guide you.

I hope that these 5 tips will help you to clear some of the mindset issues you might have and help you to step into motion. Please let me know how this information has impacted you and share it with your friends.

Thank you for reading!