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Go home and grow BIG

You probably herd this “go big or go home” phrase in some kind of setting in your life. And while I strongly believe that you need to be committed to whatever it is you desire to have and create and do your absolute best consistently to get there, I’d like to have a different take on this topic today.

I strongly believe that in order to go BIG, you really need to go home. And this is a really deep topic that does not get discussed in business as much it needs to and I think this is a very relevant topic especially for coaches, consultants and teachers.

So I’d like to encourage all of you to go home first. Go home physically into your home and just sit still and quiet, for a couple of moments and start looking into yourself and your life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does living in your home feels?
  • How do you feel day in and day out in your life?
  • Do you feel good in your own skin?
  • Do you love the work you do or is it just meh?
  • Do you feel in alignment with where you are what you preach?
  • Does your work fills you up with life?

It is OK to feel time to time that you are not necessary at where you want to be but it is important to feel good in your skin, to feel on track and on purpose and in alignment with what you teach.

So if you do not feel as good in the place where you are start looking what you need to do, who you are and who you need to be to feel good in your own skin.

quotes for social media (1)Get centered and grounded, do the internal work to dig down to your core (your home), and start thinking and start taking action from that place. And don’t give a s*it about what other people may or may not think.

Just be 100% honest with yourself and do what feels right. Everything that comes from your very core will be authentic and unique and that is the place where magic happens. That is when you open up the floodgates for all the things you want to accomplish.

Why? Because when you are not centered, grounded and you are not being fully at home with yourself then you are not showing up in an authentic way and you are contracting. You simply cannot expand and grow while you are contracting.

And your ideal clients feel this.


Find your way back to your authentic self in by reconnecting with your core business purpose, the very reason or reasons you started your enterprise, e.g.: helping mothers re-joining the workforce after maternity leave.

And reconnect with your higher power and start nurturing a healthy and strong relationship with it on a daily basis. It is very important to have a lot of faith when enterprising because, we entrepreneurs have to handle quite a lot of uncertainty at times.

To illustrate why you should look for your business and personal greatness at home, I’d like to share a story I heard when I was on a trip in Poland.

Our guide shared a local story about a man in Krakow who had a dream about a treasure hidden under a bridge in Prague (Czech Republic). He got inspired to travel to Prague and start looking for the treasure.

When he got there he immediately started working really hard to find this treasure. Then a manquotes for social media came to him and asked what he was doing. Our Polish man told the other man that he had this dream about this magnificent treasure under the bridge and came to find it.

The other man just started laughing and said that he also had a dream about a treasure hidden in a house in Krakow but he has enough sense not to travel there and look for it. When the Polish man went home, he ended up finding the hidden treasure in his own chimney.

This short story really demonstrates well that almost every one of us has a hidden treasure in our own household that we fail to see just because we look afar instead of looking at what we in the right here and right now and use that to design a valuable product or service.

So I’d like to invite you to think about what treasure do have in your life right now that could share with the world?

You can leave your answer in the comment section below.

Take care!