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How to become a go getter in coach?

Today’s post is for you if you have wants and desires you’d like to achieve in your business and your life too because what make you successful in business are very often the same qualities that make you successful in life.


I had a really humbling experience in the best possible way when I received some really nice comments from friends and past clients that they admire how I achieve most of the things I want in my life and they loved the way I was going for it. These people expressed how inspired they felt in my presence and making them set up in their business and consequently in their lives.


As a coach this is the best kind of feedback one can possibly get and I felt truly honoured and privileged to have them in my life as well. So I decided to share with you all what is my process of achieving so that I can help you to achieve what you want in your business and life.


1 – Realizing wants & desires


It is important to realize what you want. If you are running around all day without knowing what you really want, then you are no different from a hamster in a wheel. So, look around you and start realizing what you really want & desire. Most realizations generally (for me and people around me) come from either lack, dissatisfaction or envy.


When you feel that you are lacking in any ways thats speaks to you that you don’t have enough and when you feel envy it tells you that you desire something similar that someone else has and you don’t. When you experience these emotions in your life it is there to raise your attention that what you are looking at is available for you to have as well.


Instead of looking at lack, dissatisfaction or envy as something negative is inspiration in disguise.


2 – Get motivated & pick up fuel


You can get motivated by listening and reading to motivational materials which is important to keep yourself in a positive attitude and vibration. But in order to get into motion you need more than just motivational quotes and tapes. You’ll need to find a reason why you want what you want and how it would change your life if you had those things.


Knowing your why and the end result of your achievements are really powerful fuel to have. You can also turn lack, envy and people believing or not believing in you into a positive and creative energy as a fuel to start doing and and keep doing and moving ahead.


3 – Make your wants & desires a done deal


You have to be committed to what you want and desire and making it a non negotiable to do whatever it takes to get there. Please don’t misunderstand I do not promote entitlement. I believe no one is entitled to anything.


But if you want something in your business happen then you need to be committed to the point where you are ready willing and able to move mountains. So if you want to start a coaching business and earn 10K a month then treat it as a done deal.


4 – Cut the crap and get into motion


When you are about to put yourself into motion, then generally mindset issues come up, the impostor syndrome kicks in which will try to hold you back. When these mental blocks come up burst through by realizing that other people who have done what you want to do and have what you want to have are not smarter than you, not better than you, not more capable than you.


So if they could do it, then so can you. It is never what you have it’s what you do with what you have. So no more excuses! Cut the crap and move on!


5 – Consistent action taking


Anyone can get successful at anything by standing in line and staying in line, meaning to start taking actions and just keep taking them until you reach your desires. In a free audio material I had I was talking about how consistency creates results.


Action taking should not be related to having a good day or bad day. You take action when you feel good and take action when you don’t. It is hard to beat someone who keeps up the good work.

As a child I achieved a good marks at school in those subjects I sucked at by learning more and harder than people who also who were not good but they were not willing to put in the work.I bought my own apartment by working hard and smart. When my family saw the dedication they decided to contribute so I could buy the place and have no mortgage (I had to pay my family back).


By working hard and smart people will see your hustling and stand beside you and contribute. So how up, and hustle, hustle and hustle…. Success is in constant doing.


There is no romantic way to put it. Achieving anything is about: know what you want, fill your fuel tank, cut the excess weight and go, go, go, go, go…

I hope this served you well to achieve your desires!
Take care till next time!