How to start a business with NO money?

Some people say that you need money to make money. That is not necessarily true. There are two ways to make money. Only two.




So the notion that you need money to make money is a way to make money is true but if you have no money you can put in TIME instead of money to achieve your money goals.


But you cannot say that:  “I do not put in time because I have none and I do not put in money because I have no money”. You have to give either money to start a business or your time.


You either have to make money to compensate for your lack of time (by hiring people or outsourcing) or you can compensate for the lack of money by making the time to make the business happen.


The way to start a business with no money is doable as you see but you’ve gotta give a lot of your precious time.


There is no something for nothing. There is no free lunch. If you can’t make the money or the time then I’m sorry, something’s gotta give….


Working a job is the perfect example of giving your time in exchange for money and your own business  is not different in this regard.


If you have time, you can learn how to make a website, you can use free marketing tools to spread your message and get clients.


I give you some low to no cost ways to start with:

  1. free mail chimp account
  2. free consultation, cheat sheet, audio etc.
  3. social media profiles
  4. blogging
  5. guest blogging
  6. interviews
  7. e-zine marketing
  8. teleseminars
  9. webinars
  10. periscope sessions
  11. podcasting
  12. website


I’m sure you also have your ideas what you could do right now that is free or low cost to get your message known by a lot of potential clients. I’d be more than happy to discuss in a FREE 30 minute consultation, if you are up for it.


I hope this helped!
Take care!