I want this and I want it NOW!

Does this sound familiar?

I know it was very familiar for me when I heard someone saying it. I remember thinking that: “Oh my God! This is me… I say this sentence a lot or I think about wanting something and wanting it immediately.”

I am sure that many of you can relate to this, because in our fast moving world where everything we do has an instant feedback (just think about Facebook or any other social media) it is difficult to understand why certain things need to happen when they do.

It became really difficult over time to practice patience.

I know for myself it was very challenging to accept that there is a thing called: “Divine Timing” and have the faith that everything will eventually happen and come together for me when it needs to.

Now I know it from my own example that there is no reason to rush or to hurry because everything is going to happen and come together as whole when the time is right, when the people and the circumstances are ready for that exchange to happen.

quotes for social media(2)You have to know and trust that no matter what wish you put out there, into the universe, an answer was and will always be given and solutions were and will be presented.

Things might not pan out the way and time you think they would, but in the end everything is going to turn out just fine.

And more often than not the results will be even more fulfilling and pleasurable than you’d think.

You can definitely achieve anything you desire in your life. Just have faith in your own higher power!