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Let’s cut the same in sales!

This post is for you no matter who you are, how young you are, where you are, what background you have and it does not matter if you are in business or wants to be in business. The situation we all sell all the time regardless if we realize it or not.


When you persuade your spouse to go to a certain restaurant, you sell. When you barter with your kids to trade in the remote control for candy, you sell. When you persuade someone to hire you or give you a raise, then you sell. Or when you persuade someone that your online course can get them where they would like to be, or persuade someone to sponsor you then you also sell. I’m sure you get the gist….


Yet there is a negative connotation of the word “sales”. When you speak the S-word people’s mind go to the sleazy insurance agent who calls him or herself as financial consultant and the pushy used car sales man or woman or the real estate agent who is a cheat. Yes we all had our encounters with people who made us feel bad about that s-word.


Not to mention how people look at people who sell despite the fat that we all sell, all the time. Therefore it is not surprising that business owners especially in the beginning struggle with mindset issues about sales. Society conditions us to believe that everyone who is in the business of sales are lying, slimey, irritating cheeseballs.


Let’s look at our world and realize that no company is truly a charity organization not even nonprofit organizations. Because regardless of the nature of the business, they all need money to operate and the all sell but these ways are different. For profits sell products and services and nonprofits sells ideas and concepts to better other people’s lives by pitching companies and individuals to contribute to help others but to help maintain the organization as well.


I think it’s time to look at sales differently. As most things in life the perception we have about sales is just a perspective that we can change. When you make a sale, you serve and better lives by giving people what they need and want. In exchange you should receive value back to allow you to get what you need and want. And that is it!


Today I’d like to share an experience I had in a business forum where I help people out with my knowledge. I answered a lady’s question about what to do and how to approach partnering up with companies and receiving sponsorship.


I kindly replied that the fit with the company is important but the material she puts together should emphasise what is in this proposed partnership for the company because that is what they care about the most. The second most important thing they care about if the fit is right and and the possible partnership seems to be fruitful for them is how much it is going to cost for them.


I advised the lady do create sponsorship packages by letting companies know what they can get depending on the amount of contribution that they’d pay. While other people suggested not to bring up the “money thing” and focus on the fit instead…. Which absolutely just blew my mind.

I believe we should cut the fluff and say that a good sales conversation builds relationships, trust and positions you as a professional who is serious about making money, getting sponsorship or donations.


It is time that we moved on the sales shame because selling is caring. It is not doing something to people but it is doing something for people. And that is a HUGE difference. Look at pastors for example. Pastors are the world’s biggest sales people, why?


Because their job is to preach, guide and persuade entire communities to follow the divine and live their lives according to divine principles while running their church and making sure that they have enough donations to keep the religious community and church going and doing all kinds of charity through the donations people give.

Would ever cross your mind to see pastors as pushy, sleazy or cheasy? No, of course not!  And the reason is because they have mastered to talk to their audience in a way that it completely resonates with them. And when they talk they are coming from their own authentic self. They carry themselves professionally which positions them as an expert in their community on religious matters.


When you master the art of sales, then you are changing lives, you talk from your authentic self professionally so you show up as an expert in your topic in a way that your audience will resonate with you.


So let’s cut the fluff, let’s learn the art of sales and take pride in the fact that we have something to offer that better people’s life. I hope today’s post served you well and helped to put things into perspective.


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