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Thank you letter

I’d like to express my thanks to Krisztina Mocsári for all the work she did for my winery in 2012 and 2013.

Krisztina participated in the exploration and rationalization of our wine production process while finding new sales channels for our winery.

Krisztina helped us to develop a marketing plan and designed the label of our wine bottles.

Due to her and her group’s advice we were able to sell our wine in a bottled form to new audiences which were completely inaccessible before. As a result we were able to triple our revenues.

Because of Krisztina’s outstanding communication skills and friendly personality we were able to establish a lasting friendship with her.

I cannot feel thankful enough for everything she did for us and our winery.

With many thanks,

Ferenc Hengl

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Krisztina Mocsári worked with us during a 6 week summer program (Simonyi Business Economic Development Center) where she helped us revamp our website so it became easier to navigate.

She and her team worked out systems to attract more donors and sponsors and also gave us an in depth marketing plan that we could utilize to create a wide spread brand awareness in the local community.

Working with Krisztina and the team completely changed our business. Going from the edge of bankruptcy we could survive for an extra year that really helped us to grow as a non-profit business owner.

All the great advice and content we received during our coaching aided us in starting a new and different non-profit organization which is striving.

Without Krisztina’s help we couldn’t have extended the lifespan of ZION and restart in a completely new manner.

I recommend Krisztina to everybody whose business needs: new marketing and sales systems or strategic plans on growth and development.

She is a compassionate teacher who keeps you accountable and guides you through the entire process with ease.

András Nyirati

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In 2012 we took a big step towards becoming more professional in our operation as a small business.

Me and my partner (Balázs) took part in a business development program (Simonyi Summer University) as clients.

Kriszti was on our advisory team working with us. She was not only professional but also a delight to work with.

We got a thorough check-up, a lot of possible ways to grow and a plan on how to improve our methods.

She possesses the best combination of business-knowledge, know-how, inquisitiveness and social skills.

Kriszti showed a genuine interest not only about our getting along as a business but also in the culture we try to spread. We would confidently recommend her to anyone.

Barbara Vágási and Balázs Kutni
Club Cubano

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Working with Krisztina largely helped us to reevaluate the future of our gourmet wine and food magazine.

Kriszti and the Simonyi BECD team really helped us to unfold our current market situation which helped us deciding what we really wanted to do with the magazine.

All the coaching and consulting transformed our vision and the strategies we utilize with a great success.

Kriszti is a great coach for those who want to work with a very friendly, creative, self confident and tendentious consultant who honors all deadlines and agreements and takes into consideration your requests and wishes.

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We’ve worked with Krisztina back in 2011 where we wanted to re-brand our city’s image to attract more foreign direct investment and boost tourism.

During the 6 weeks we worked together Krisztina looked at our website and social media channels and gave suggestions on how to restructure them.

Based on her suggestions we completely rebuilt our website and restructured our social media site.

As a result our online presence completely changed.Now we are able to communicate different messages to different audiences in a 100% more effectively.

Due to these changes the city’s image was completely transformed in the best way. Citizens started taking pride in the city while visitors started seeing Szentlőrinc as an interesting destination to visit.

We also learnt how to utilize our international relationships more effectively and build new lasting relationships with other cities. Krisztina’s work largely contributed to our city’s ability to attract more tourism into the area.

I would recommend Krisztina anytime to everybody who is thinking about changing his/her business. With her straight forward advice and laser focused coaching she can really help taking businesses to new different levels.