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Spring business cleaning

Spring is here again! I love spring it is my favorite season of all. A lot of people start cleaning their homes, offices, home offices this time of year. I know I will do a spring cleaning in not just my home, home office and my entire business as well. And I suggest you do something similar, because of business health reasons. 😉
I share my process and advice below:

1-Create creative blank space


It’s good to take the time to get rid of clutter in your physical environment because all the stuff you have in your physical space weighs you down. Some people think it is enough to be organized and the truth is, it’s not enough because regardless how organized you are, a ton of stuff is a ton of stuff.


In our digital, online world it’s not just the physical space that needs to be cleared and organized, but our digital stuff too. What was the last time you organized and cleared out your mailbox, checklists, goals, project files, invoices, contracts and all other digital documents?


2-Skim before you scour


Has it happened to you that you started spring cleaning and when your partner came home, the bed was undone, dishes undone and a big pile of mess everywhere and it seemed that you’ve just made the whole situation worse than it was? It definitely happened to me, many times.


To avoid this, skim before you scour. What do I mean? Do everything you would normally do that day, so do the routine work let it be work in your business and/or housework before you start your your big cleanout. This way the daily work gets done and the cleanout too but without that big pile of mess.


3-Plan and focus


Decide what are those areas you’d like to clean out and organize and then set up a priority order. Personally I like to go with the easiest and the fastest first to gain momentum and I also like to start with the physical first and leave the digital for last.


When you decided what you will go through and in what order, you might want to allow yourself a week instead of one day and set up a schedule to go through your entire home office and business documents during that week.


When you are working on purging your business stuff, focus on one segment of it at a time, you’ll go faster than if you’d work on big areas at the same time. For example: don’t try to organize your entire business paper trail all at once, instead just go drawer by drawer or folder by folder and focus on that drawer or folder at the time.


4-Look at activities and projects as well!


Is known that 20% of what you do produce 80% of your results. So, when cleaning out your business, you need to look at activities and processes you’ve had. Try to assess what activities you have, how it’s being done right now, look at how well it is working and if you are not happy or see potential for improvement, then make those improvements.


Is there anything you can automate or delegate? Are there anything you need to delete?


If you have long outstanding projects or issues, look at why they are not moving and either pass them on to someone who can finish it or delete it all together. It’s not serving you having kilometers (or miles) of to dos.  Cut the bottom 20% of your activities which do not do anything to you and your business (yes, make the cut even if you like doing these things). Less is more.


5- Delete before you add


General rule that can be applied from your business to your personal shopping habits, is that you shouldn’t keep piling stuff on stuff. Delete before you add.


Want a new project? Finish an outstanding one or give it up altogether. Want a new person on the team? Can you delete some of the activities your team is managing and they shouldn’t instead of adding a new person on board?


Looking at what you can eliminate before you add and grow will help you to stay focused and organized in your business and help to avoid you piling up projects and never ending to dos and processes.


How do you prefer to do spring cleaning in your life and biz? Please share, so that we can all learn together.

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Take care until next time!