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Natalia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is a speaker and has authored several jewellery making books and she has appeared as a Guest Designer on UK home shopping channels 'Jewellery Maker TV' and Create & Craft TV. Natalia has developed her own range of jewellery making products including DVDs, texture stamps, tools and sketchbooks. She is also the founder of Brighter Business which provides business advice, guidance and community to creative entrepreneurs who’d like to make a living from their creative passions. Moreover Natalia is known by many as “The angel lady” and does angel card readings for Astrolada and Lada’s clients through Youtube and astolada.com.


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So many people want their own business online or offline or both. However the journey is seldomly discussed what it takes to achieve success at any level. Today I am talking to Natalia who had an incredible journey. She is sharing all of the different businesses and projects she is working on. 


This interview was one of my favorite interviews I have conducted and I  hope that Natalia's  journey is going to leave you inspired and excited to keep going on your own journey and propel you and your dream business towards success.


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