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Living big in a tiny space with actor & singer Bryce Langston

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All of us are dreaming of having it all in our own unique way. Isn't it true? For some people it is downsizing and move to the countryside where we can live our life close to nature and more connected to ourselves and our own humanity.


For others it's buying a villa, have many cars and living the luxe life. For others it's anything in between. All of these desires are perfectly fine and valid.


However most self made people realize that they have to downsize first before they can up their life. Some people choose to build tiny homes on wheels or off wheels to make their dream life happen in small first, so that they can have the option to stay that way or go for the same but bigger version of their dream.


My guest today Bryce Langston is building a tiny house on wheels so that he can have his dream home and dream life wherever life and his work carries him. Bryce is an actor and singer who has stood in front of and behind the camera as well. He appeared in television shows such as Shortland Street and Spartacus: War Of The Dammed. Bryce also works as a musician and is in the process of releasing his debut album Shadow & Light.


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I hope that this interview inspired you to think outside of the box to make your dram life and dream business happen.


Let me and Bryce know in the comment section below what's your takeaway!


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