Behind the 6 figure astrology business with Lada Duncheva (Astrolada)

In the online sphere there are so many creative and spiritual people who would like to have a creative and/or spiritual business to feel more fulfilled in their lives and career. There are also a lot of young people in their twenties  who are not so sure what is their life's purpose and what the should do with their lives ans how they could live on purpose. If it sounds like something you can relate to in any way, then you'll love today's interview.


Today I'm talking with Lada Duncheva otherwise known as Astrolada who is a Bulgarian astrologer living in the UK. Lada in her twenties being a Bulgarian immigrant in the UK was waiting tables to get by and felt a lack of purpose and confusion about what she should do with her life. From that place Lada went from being confused to become someone who lives her life on purpose and is running a 6 figure astrology business through her website astolada.com. Lada is doing astrology reading, teaches courses on astrology and collaborates with other astrologers and psychics.


Lada shares her journey how she got where she is today to inspire you, that you can have a spiritually fulfilling business, live on purpose and make a good living in the process.



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I hope that this interview inspired you to think outside of the box to make your dram life and dream business happen.


Let me and Lada know in the comment section below what's your takeaway!


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