Smartprenur Radio S1 Ep1- Story of Krisztina Mocsari


Hello everyone, I'm Krisztina Mocsari and I'd like to tank you so much for tuning in for the very first episode of Smartpreneur Radio. Every week for the first season of the podcast I'll be interviewing entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey to inspire you and keep you motivated on your own journey. Each interview will be unique in it's own way.


This podcast will replace my weekly blogposts at least for now. Since every episode is coming with a notes section you'll get a two in one deal because you get some written content and audio that you can listen to on public transport, taking your kids to school, grocery shopping, doing your workout or at your corporate cubicle.


I've found myself in the past couple of years to listen to more audio books and podcast because it's so easy to take them everywhere. I'm so excited to interact with you through this new way. And this is how it's going to look like:


  • In each episode I'll briefly introduce my guest and then let them give a more expansive introduction about themselves.
  • We'll discuss where did they start they journey from and all the ups and downs they went through to get where they are.
  • They'll also share the lessons they've learn during trying times (if any).
  • They'll share where they are now, what projects and aspects of their journey they are the most excited about.
  • They'll also share a freebie with you and other resources such as mantras or books that they found to be inspiring.

In today's episode I wanted to share my story who I am and where do I come from. I was requested to do this several times when I was interviewing people and in all honesty it made me a little nervous. But I think it is important for everyone to know me better and know where I am exactly in my business right now and some embarrassing and tough situations I had to go through to be here and now. I'll also share in this episode what my mission is with this business and how it all started.


Thank you so much again to read and listen. I do encourage everyone to subscribe to the podast in iTunes or in Stitcher. Also do not forget to share the podcast with your friends and give me an amazing rating.


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