The secret to receive the money you desire

Have you ever felt that you need to have 100% control over every single aspect of your life?

If so, then do not worry! It happens even with the best of us.

Actually, it is completely normal and healthy to monitor your own life and biz, making sure everything goes into the direction you desire.

However, if you would like to engage the  law of attraction to bring you more high quality clients, affiliates, new joint venture partners or create a new successful product, then over monitoring might be the number 1 reason why you can’t achieve the success you want.

The big secret lies in one of the universal laws called the  “Law of Detachment” which is one of the most misunderstood universal laws.

Because, when you would like to have, let’s say more money in your life than you being attached to the thought and feeling of more money is healthy, right?

Well… Absolutely YES!

On the other hand it might not be too healthy constricting the universe, on the time and the exact way your desire should become manifest. It is the job of the universe to figure out the when and the how.

If you can allow yourself to let go of the time and the way, while possessing the feeling that you already have the better income you want is the way to go.

I have a quick story to share about how I wrote an abundance check to receive 200 000 HUF which is approximately 1 000 USD depending on the exchange rate. I wrote it, felt that I have already received it and felt grateful. Two to three weeks after I received a bonus of 350 000 HUF.

You see… It is not your desire you should detach from, but the way and time you receive it. All you need to do is:

In my case it happened really fast and actually got more than I expected to get because I had no restrictions on the means of receiving.

And never forget that the universe always has your back and best interest in mind even if it is not obvious at times. 😉

Take care, as always!