The truth about happiness


This post is about achieving true happiness in your business and life. Because at the end of the day we all want to be happy, right?


So, here is the deal… We’ve been fed this idea by our consumerist society that we need THINGS to be happy. Because a bigger car, a bigger house, better and more clothes, more money, bigger team, more and better tools and more friends on Facebook would make you happy.


The truth: IT’S A LIE!


More STUFF might make you feel more comfortable or even happy for a while, sure. I, myself, occasionally go shopping for myself or my business when I feel low…And that is ok….


But thinking that these things would make anyone happy on the long run is completely false. Because when you get there, and get the bigger house, better car, more money or more anything you want something else.


Filling up holes in life and in business with stuff is dangerous because doing so might leave you feeling depleted, empty and think: “ok, it’s great but is that really it?!”…


The cure for this, is to realize that filling up holes in your life and business will not make you happy and what really does is living on purpose.




Think about where you’d like to be taken by life but more importantly why. If your why is compelling then no matter what stuff you have, you’ll feel fulfilled and happy. 



That is the place when the better and bigger things in your life come as a byproduct. That is when you realize that your life and business is the cake and all the stuff is the icing on the cake. It’s good with or without the icing.


This week I’d like to invite you to think about your why. I’d be more than happy to discuss in a FREE 30 minute consultation, if you are up for it.

Take care and hugs!