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Top 5 tips to make 2016 your best year ever

As the end of the year is getting closer I’ve been thinking about planning my 2016. I thought to share with you my top 5 tips to how I plan and prepare for my next year and make my goals happen so that it will help you to get where you want to get by the end of your next year.


Tip 1 – No new year’s resolutions


Having no new year’s resolutions can feel liberating because most people find it is really difficult to stick with them and fall off the bandwagon before January ends… This can make anyone feel like a loser and who wants that?! So why to have resolutions in the first place?

Ditching resolutions is one of the best thing anyone can do. Instead of making resolutions set goals instead and work out a system that will take you to the finish line. And when you cross the finish line you’ll feel like a champion and will leave you wander what else can you do. It’s such a nicer feeling not just at the end but throughout the whole process.

Below you’ll get some tips how to actually make goal setting work for you.


Tip 2 – Create blank space


De-cluttering your physical space, weeding out your to do list, mailbox and all those hot spots where you accumulate clutter will actually free up some of your mental capacity. When you organize your physical space and your to do’s what you are actually organizing is your mind and soul.

So when you have some white space, all those things which were weighing you down mentally and sometimes physically are gone. As a result you’ll feel and you’ll be more creative and more productive. And realize, that it is not sustainable to keep on piling tasks to do’s. If you do that that is a sure way to get overwhelmed, feel tired and eventually burn out. So cut the excess before the new year starts.


Tip 3 – Reflect back



Reflect on your past year. Questions you might want to ask yourself:

  1. What were the projects, tasks and clients you were taking on?
  2. What results have these yielded?
  3. How did you feel like working with these people and projects?
  4. How much revenue you have made?
  5. How much have you spent?
  6. How much time have you spent on what kinds of activities?
  7. How did your team spend their working hours?
  8. Could you optimize your expenses and time spent so that you keep more?
  9. Is there anything you’d like to eliminate?


Tip 4 – Decide on rewarding projects


Based on your responses cut those activities which were neither profitable nor fulfilling, tweak and course correct where necessary. Then start thinking about about the projects you’d like to pursue but only take on those projects which yield you great financial results and would make you feel good to do.

If you want to take on projects that make you a lot of money but make you feel indifferent or raise not so great vibes within you then these are the projects you really do not want to take on. Because these projects will tire you and drain your energy. Do the same with your clients and look at what kind of people you did not like working with and the people who you loved working with.

So ask yourself: “Which are those projects (and clients) I could take on that (who) would fill me up with energy?”


Tip  5 – Decide on your boundaries and non negotiable desires

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Deciding on your non negotiables is very crucial to make you feel great about yourself and your business on the long run. A non negotiable can be:


  1. sleeping 8 hours a day
  2. the number and the length of vacations you want take
  3. the business hours you want to have per day
  4. a certain amount of revenue you want to make
  5. certain kinds of tasks you want or do not want to do
  6. certain number of hours you can or willing to work per day and/or week

If you make sure to stick to your boundaries and non negotiable desires as if your GP has prescribed them to you. Then you’ll feel fulfilled, full of energy and would find how much more you love your life and your business. Setting your boundaries is also key for better client and personal relationships. You may find that by sticking to your guns makes people respect you more.


Extra Tip – Setting up a good schedule 🙂


Scheduling seems to be a common thread in my posts but it all goes back to the fact that nothing happens in business by accident. You cannot accidentally be consistent  and make things happen, we all know this. We all know that we need to be intentional in order to achieve our goals.


The best way is finding a scheduling method and system that works for you. Instead of telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, I’ll share my personal method for scheduling and goal setting. You can try it out if you’d like and see what results it yields for you.


Personally I schedule those things first which are the most important for me. My number one priority is getting 8 hours of sleep every single day so I set my working ours first. Then I put in some vacation time into the calendar so that I can make my vacations happen and that is going to make really easy to say no to certain obligations. Then I schedule the biggest landmarks of projects which need to happen and by what time they need to happen. This is going to make it easier for deciding on the day to day operations and tasks which need to delegated or hired out.


The way I use goal setting is the following: I set 3 yearly goal and work my way backwards and set 3 monthly, weekly and daily goal. This system is by:…. And I really like it because 3 goals I can easily make happen on a day to day basis and because the whole system is set up in a way that smaller goals feed into bigger goals I can actually achieve every single goal I set myself without over committing.

Then I put these goals on my private calendar to make sure they actually happen. Try it out if you wish and let me know how it has worked for you.


Question for you?


How are you planning for your year ahead? What are your best practices? I’d love to know!


Take care till next time!